MGN Films

Over Exagerate!


Welcome to the official website of MGN Films! If you're taking the time to read this then we're guessing that you are interested with what exactly we are about. Well to keep it short and sweet, MGN stands for Matthew Giancarlo Nicolas Films. Who are these guys you ask? Matthew, Giancarlo and Nick are the official owners of this company. You might be saying, "hey well that's great, what the heck do you guys do?!", Well its simple. MGN Films creates short, long and feature films about anything and everything. We submit some to various film festivals and also upload them on the internet. You can go check them out on our Youtube channel where we put them for all of our suscribers and friends to see. We are aspiring film makers who love to create unique comedy, action and thriller films. We one day hope to make it big and continue our journey of learning and creativity to the big leagues where we can entertain a larger group of happy film lovers.


John Murphy